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DEK Diesel Powered Pumps

                         The  DEK Diesel Powered Pump Offers Rugged Dependability. These Self-Priming Pumps Are Ideal For Contractor Applications and Agricultural Use. With Large Fuel Tanks They Offer Hours of Continuous Operations. These Pumps Are Light and Compact For Ease Of  Handling and Transportation

Dek Pump

                                                                    Pump Shown is a DEK80CL


                       Model                     DEK50CL                       DEK80CL
                   Pump Size                         2"x2"                           3"x3"
                   Max.Total Head                      69 Foot                         75 Foot
                  Suction Lift                     26.25 Foot                      26.25 Foot
                  Pump Capacity                     184 GPM                       264 GPM
                 Engine     4.2HP@3000RPM Diesel Engine        6.1HP@3000RPM Diesel Engine
                 Price                         $695.00                         $975.00

                                      Prices Subject to change without prior notice, prices do not include shipping.

                                      Suction and Discharge Hose Available. Please See Our Parts and Supply Page